Home embroiderers honored on Women's Day

Home embroiderers honored on Women's Day

Madeira Wine, Embroidery and Handicrafts Institute (IVBAM), in partnership with the Hotel Barceló Funchal OldTown and the association Adoro.Ser.Mulher, which promotes and boosts female entrepreneurship, pays homage to House Embroiderers in an event taking place at March 8th, Women's Day, from 5pm, at the Barceló Funchal OldTown Hotel.

According to the Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Environment, in a statement, at 5pm, at the hotel reception, will be opened an exhibition about 'Madeira Embroidery' and the intrinsic connection that exists between this art and the flower, since the flower is the main source of inspiration for Madeira Embroidery. “It is Madeira Embroidery that makes the flower eternal, in the design, in the fabric, in guaranteeing the passage from generation to generation and in the memories that last over time”, highlights the guardianship in the same note. This exhibition is made up of a set of triptychs, highlighting Madeira Embroidery applied to table and beach linen, designed by IVBAM. The opening of this exhibition will be attended by the regional secretary for Environment and Agriculture, Rafaela Fernandes.

This will be followed, at Atelier Coffee Bar, by the "Extraordinary Women Conference", which highlights Home Embroiderers and the invaluable work of these women in pursuing this centuries-old art. The panel of speakers includes the regional secretary for Environment and Agriculture, Rafaela Fernandes, Firmina Abreu, home embroiderer, Maria Bernardete Gonçalves, from Gês Bordados and Karla Vieira, fashion designer. This conversation will be moderated by Marisa Santos, member of the IVBAM Board.

From 6pm to 11pm there is a Market with regional brands that have promoted and used Madeira Embroidery in their creations, such as: As Marias, Bordadeira, Bailha and Misa.Handmade and other brands that have reinvented wicker and tapestry such as Bica Larica, Wicker_it and Maui&Sucri.

 In JM | 05.03.2024