IVBAM promotes Madeira Embroidery among Art Education teachers

IVBAM promotes Madeira Embroidery among Art Education teachers

The Madeira Wine, Embroidery and Handicraft Institute (IVBAM), with the aim of reinforcing the commitment to the valorization and preservation of Madeira Embroidery, will provide a “training workshop” of ​​Madeira Embroidery, to 17 teachers in the area of Artistic Education, this Wednesday, November 22nd.

This action is the result of a partnership between IVBAM and the Directorate of Artistic Education Services (DSEA), in which both assume the role of agents that transmit knowledge of this unique product, so representative of regional culture and identity, Madeira Embroidery. "Indeed, the teaching class, taking into account its proximity to young people, plays an important role in the dissemination and consequent preservation of this art, which is why the continuation of this type of joint actions is recommended", states a statement from IVBAM that, for this action, prepared a training itinerary full of programmatic content, including video projection, as well as an exhibition of the entire production process of Madeira Embroidery.

Teachers/trainees will be able to experience some of the most characteristic stages of this craft, namely: drawing, printing and the art and craft of embroidery itself, always accompanied by the IVBAM embroidery monitor and designer and by an in-house embroiderer.

To complement the experimentation part, support material will also be made available to trainees, which they can later work on in the classroom context, thus continuing this training.


This training workshop will take place at the IVBAM facilities, located at Rua Visconde de Anadia, 44, in Funchal, and highlights this Institute's commitment to safeguarding this technique, which is considered a traditional art and craft in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.