Madeira Embroidery and Handicraft at 2021 Christmas and New Years Festivities

Madeira Embroidery and Handicraft at 2021 Christmas and New Years Festivities

This year's Christmas and New Year festivities, on Avenida Arriaga, will feature the regular presence of Madeira Embroidery and Regional Handicraft.

These two products that so well represent Madeiran culture will be promoted on a stand, located on the central plate of Funchal, under the organization of the Madeira Wine, Embroidery and Handicraft Institute (IVBAM).

From the 8th to the 21st of December, between 10am and 8pm, the stand with decoration alluding to the Christmas season will host 27 artisans, recognized by the IVBAM in the most diverse arts, including ceramics, tiles, regional items, costume jewelry, nativity scenes, home textiles, among others.

Madeira Embroidery, on the other hand, will have its exhibition between December 22nd and January 9th, with time between 10am and 7pm. The sector will be represented by the companies: Abreu & Araújo, Bordal, Luís de Sousa and Gês Bordados.

The entrance in the stand is free, however, it requires compliance with the health standards that are mandatory in the Region.

It should be noted that this event represents an exceptional opportunity for entities from both sectors to leverage their businesses, taking into account the tourist flow and the greater propensity for consumption underlying this festive season.

With this action, IVBAM, within the scope of its competences to promote and enhance Madeira Embroidery and Regional Handicraft, intends to highlight these two arts so associated with Madeiran Christmas, emphasizing them as excellent suggestions for Christmas gifts and souvenirs.

This promotional action was 85% co-financed under the Madeira 14-20 Program - Promotional Plan for Madeira Embroidery and Regional Crafts.