Madeira Embroidery

Madeira Embroidery is a typical embroidery of the archipelago of Madeira, in Portugal.

Its typicality is granted by its unique characteristics acquired during the vast and detailed production process, as well as the influence of the environment where it is developed and that is the inspiring source of the creators, associated with the textiles used that are legally defined.

Despite its delicacy, this embroidery it is extremely versatile as it fits into an extensive universe of collections including utilitary layette sets, decorative elements or the irreverent haute couture.

We may dare to say that Madeira Embroidery is the most extensive of all regional productions, since it has the highest reach. It starts in factories in Funchal, travels the island towards the embroiderers hands, to be returned again to the factory to receive the final treatment in order to be sold in the regional, national or international market.