Designing Madeira Embroidery

Design is the soul of Madeira Embroidery. Nature lends its movements to embroidery, giving the embroidered items their uniquely respectable, refined romantic characteristics.

The range and beauty of the designs is born of the inspiration of Madeiran designers, true artists, who over the past and the present century, have composed thousands of very delicate drawings under the determining influence of an island where beauty reigns, but also under multicultural influences and a variety of artistic movements.

There are several characteristics that give the designs used in Madeira Embroidery their unique identity, in particular, the gracefully flowing movement, the composition of natural motifs where the abstract and imaginary flowers, as well as geometrical figures, provide graciousness and refinement in the embroidered items.

All of the elements used in Madeira Embroidery that make it so unique, are arranged in a structure that above all, reveals the artistic liberty and intense creativity that are adapted to the evolution of fashion tendencies and decoration.