A unique product: Madeira Embroidery

The uniqueness of Madeira Embroidery is associated with the meticulous and complex production process, which involves huge diversity of practices and techniques.

It is far from being just adecorative element applied to a fabric.

Madeira Embroidery exceeds the single aesthetic aspect, therefore, it would not be too pretentious to call it art, even though, each piece requires the dedication of several artists, that despite devoid of academic knowledge, hold unique expertise manual skills, that offers all the guarantees of a perfect result.

Like art, Madeira Embroidery also has an inspirational component, rooted in the unique and lush landscape of Madeira, transposed to the drawings that guide the needle of the main protagonist, the embroiderer.

Although the various phases of Madeira Embroidery are associated with an industrial unit, “Factory”, the use of machinery is basic, mostly and almost exclusively currently indispensable household appliances, whose operation depend on human hand, such as the production of the embroidery itself.

At the same time, Madeira Embroidery obeys rules set by law that guarantee its legitimacy, mostly concerning the types of fabrics, threads and stitches.

Assembled all the indicated characteristics and components, the Embroidery is ready for legal certification by Madeira Wine, Embroidery and Handicraft Institute - IVBAM, IP - RAM.