Production Process

Madeira Embroidery is made with art and as any work of art, it contains inspiration, precision, reproduction, calculation, technique, constancy, care, commitment, toil, taste and above all, love.

The process is time consuming and very phased.

The first intervinient is the designer. Agile in the art of forms, he transposes to the paper the motifs that inspired him, usually elements of the profuse and lush flora of Madeira, combined with geometric shapes, perhaps of natural origin.

The following step is perforation, a task that requires performer accuracy. The perforator, using a mechanical instrument of the same name, which includes a needle, countours the whole drawing, preparing it for the next process, stamping, not without before, contouring it by the curvimeter, whose function is to count the number of stitches that ascertain the value of the embroiderer's work.

Stamping consists of placing the perforated drawing on the fabric to be embroidered, applying it a blue washable paint that will print the design on the cloth to guide the embroiderer to skillfully fill it with the needle.

Completed the stamping step, the fabrics are prepared to be sent to the embroiderers, who develop their work in family environment with dedication, skill, dexterity and accuracy.

Once the embroidery is finished, the pieces return to the “factory” to be verified, cut out, washed and ironed.

The production process ends with the certification by the Institute of Wine, Embroidery and Handicraft of Madeira, IVBAM, IP - RAM, which after rigorous verification of the product gives it authenticity, affixing the guarantee seal.